If your Kindle or Createspace book isn’t selling, I’ve got the secret way to fix it, but first…

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If you’ve ever published — or thought about publishing! — a book to Amazon’s Kindle or Createspace platform, then it’s critical that you pay attention to every word of this letter.

Because below, you’ll discover:

  • How to double your royalties by making one tiny little change… without writing, editing or proofing your book
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Dear Author and Publisher,

You already know.

There are people out there who are getting huge royalty checks from Kindle and CreateSpace…

…and they “crush it” by selling books on Amazon. Day after day, week after week, month after month.

You probably also know that people claim it’s pretty easy to start having the same success…

But after trying it out for myself, I realized something…

The truth about Kindle that successful sellers will never tell you.

See, I had heard story after story about everyday people going from struggling and broke, to raking in cash to the tune of 5 figures a month ALL from selling simple books online.

And in a lot of cases, these people didn’t even write the books themselves.

Being your average person looking to make extra money from home, I wanted to jump in and get a piece of that book-selling cash.

So I was hopeful that even though I didn’t want to write, I could make some passive, consistent money on Kindle, Nook, and anywhere I could sell the thing…

I found a great niche…

Had a good book written…

Set everything up…

I was ready for the sales to start hitting me from left and right…

3… 2… 1…

Nothing. I thought to myself…

“Well, let me check in an hour, surely by then I will have sold some copies…”

An hour later… Nothing. The next day? Nothing. I waited a whole week for sales that never came.

Has that ever happened to you? It’s so damn frustrating.

Especially if you’ve already gone through all of the time and effort of writing a book yourself, or invested your money in hiring a professional writer.

I figured that those folks who crush it on Kindle were either lucky, or had some secret weapon that I didn’t know about.

So I decided to move on and try something else in order to get the easy extra income I wanted so badly.

But then, at a private, closed-door event, and by the stroke of pure luck, I met Tony.

I figured Tony was a regular guy like me, trying to figure out a way to get ahead and make extra cash online. But once we started talking, I knew Tony was ANYTHING but regular…

See, Tony had a secret. A secret that I was lucky to get to the bottom of.

Tony was not struggling for extra income at all, he was making lots of it…

…Because he knows what it takes to make any book to fly off of the digital shelves.

Tony Laidig is an A-list professional Graphic Designer and advertising expert. It turns out that the biggest guys and girls in the book publishing business beat down his door and throw thousands of dollars at him to design their book covers – because his designs translate to massive cash.

As soon as I learned this, I couldn’t help but go back to my Kindle flop and think “Bingo!”

See, I had gotten my book cover made via Fiverr, and I thought it looked good enough to sell… Turns out it wasn’t.

Because Tony was kind enough to give my book listing a glance, and when he did, he snickered and said…

“And you haven’t sold any copies, right?”

I was shocked and surprised… How did he know that?

He told me that my cover was not “the right type of compelling” and, more importantly, that…

My cover was subconsciously
telling customers “Don’t Buy This”

If you’ve put any effort into creating a book, you absolutely cannot afford for this to happen to you.

Tony immediately knew why my book wasn’t selling, and how to make it sell, without changing a word of the book itself.

The tips he gave me, just off the top of his head, literally left my jaw on the floor.

I went back to my hotel room, implemented some of his techniques, and lo and behold…

My Kindle book sold its very first copy that exact same night.

I didn’t change a single word of the book, description, or the price… All I did was tweak my cover according to Tony’s instructions…


My book effortlessly transformed from a total dud, to totally desired, all because I added a cover that works.

Now, you might be thinking… “There’s no way the cover makes THAT much of a difference” And if you are thinking that…

You are dead wrong.

Here are some facts that Tony let me in on, that my own research and experience confirmed:

  • People DO judge books by the cover. In a field as competitive and as saturated as Kindle, Amazon, or Nook, people decide to learn more about a book entirely on what the cover looks like. If your cover isn’t grabbing people from the start, it’s never going to sell.
  • People buy because they feel it. And images immediately translate to feelings. The factors that arouse the “I want to buy this” feeling are little known and ignored by 98% of sellers on online. So if you know the secrets, you will outsell 98% of others, easily.
  • People know if they are going to buy within 5 seconds. That’s it. That’s all the time you have. If you’re starting to think that it really does take an expert to know how to get someone to buy your book within 5 seconds, then you’re on the right track…
  • Your cover is your brand. Why would you ever want to put your name on a cheap, poor-performing, or ugly book cover? Doing so will only hurt you massively.

That’s why people who make serious, day-job-slaying income by selling books online regularly cut Tony a check for $1,500.00 with a smile on their faces… And why are they smiling?

Because they know that is an investment that will make them tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars in short order.

I was so lucky to meet Tony and discover some of his slick secrets. I kept in close contact with him after the private event.

I knew Tony had WAY more to give than just doing high-end designs for the “big guys” who can afford his justifiably high $1,500.00 price tag.

Surely he could help other folks like he helped me, who are just starting out in book/ebook publishing, and looking to snatch up every competitive advantage they possibly can.

So after months of nagging, I convinced Tony to share his vital dos, don’ts, and most important book cover secrets with a select handful of aspiring authors.

But Tony decided to do even more than that…

Not only is he finally revealing what your cover must have to succeed, and what it must omit if you ever want to make sales, but he is also giving you…

His proven-to-crush-it, completely done-for-you design templates that he has never released before.

This ensures that even if you have ZERO design knowledge and ZERO design experience, you can have the exact same type of cover Tony charges $1,500.00 for.

You don’t need to be a good with Photoshop at all…

The entire package he’s put together for you today is named after what I called him on our very first meeting…



Book Cover Genius is a massive package, including:

A Stunning Custom Book Cover Template (designed by Tony himself) that you can use today for ANY type of book. No hiring a designer, no experience required, because Tony shows you how to do it all. This print-ready template will make stunning hard-copy and digital ecovers for your book in a flash – PSDs included.

7 private video mastermind sessions with Tony…follow along as he spills the beans on his secret conversion-boosting cover design strategies. (Retail Value: $985.00)

You’ll also gain instant access to an exclusive 9-video training series created especially for Kindle and CreateSpace publishers:

  • How to create amazing book covers (even if you’re not a designer)
  • Researching your book cover: Start with what’s working
  • Kindle ebook cover case study: Don’t re-invent the wheel
  • How to get original artwork for your cover for peanuts
  • Where to find high-quality free images for your ebook cover
  • How to outsource image-based ebook covers
  • How to create a paperback book cover for free at CreateSpace
  • Going from a paperback book cover to a Kindle design
  • Going from a Kindle ebook cover to a paperback design
(Retail Value: $197.00)

4 Amazon Bestseller “Stickers” – Did you know that your book may already be an Amazon Bestseller? We’ll show you WHY, and HOW to boost sales by up to 36% by simply adding these gold-foil bestseller seals to your book cover image.

Bonus Live Training – Get all your book cover design questions answered by Tony himself on this exclusive live Workshop

150 High-Resolution Royalty Free Images – You’ll pay up to $5 for similar images at a stock photo site…but you won’t need to! Use these with our compliments to make your cover design POP. (Retail Value: $497.00)

Exactly What To Do, Step By Step – For Createspace, Kindle, and Nook. If you’ve never used any of these platforms before, we got you covered. There is no stone left unturned and absolutely anyone can follow these easy instructions to get their book launched quickly. (Retail Value: $197.00)

More, More, More Monetization — Extra sneaky, high-level ways for you to make more cash from each book sale. You simply must see this. (Retail Value: $97.00)

Complete Outsourcing Package – Use our secret system and templates to get amazing covers for PEANUTS…including where we go, who we use, what we say, and how much to pay. (Retail Value: $97.00)

Remember, this training completely covers both print books and ebooks.

Total Package Value: $2,067.00

Starting to see how easy Tony and I have made all of this for you? Good.

And because Tony has been doing this for years, he and I 110% guarantee your satisfaction with the quality of Book Cover Genius…

Download Book Cover Genius right now and use it for a full 30 days. If at any point you decide to go back to the old way of doing things, hiring unproven designers on Fiverr or Odesk and getting sub-par graphics for your business, then I will quickly and quietly refund your entire investment without question.

So even if you don’t use Book Cover Genius for an entire month, you’ll still have plenty of time to put this package to work for you and make you more money.

…but I know you’ll be absolutely thrilled with this package, just like Tony’s high-priced clients are after they pay him $1500. Just like Felicia…

“Tony Laidig has an uncanny ability to take the concept of a book and translate that beautifully into a meaningful graphic representation of the content into a fabulous cover. We all know people do judge a book by its cover and Tony Laidig can help your book be judged very favorably indeed! As the recipient of one of his book cover designs, I am thrilled with the outcome and am proud to show off my original Tony Laidig cover design.”
~Felicia J. Slattery, M.A., M.Ad.Ed. Author of Kill the Elevator Speech: Stop Selling, Start Connecting

And she’s not alone. Here is some other testimonials that Tony has gotten from his clients!

“I’ve had the privilege of knowing and working with Tony Laidig since 2005. He is, by far, one of the best, if not the best, designer on the planet. He is brilliant at seeing what we don’t see and giving us exactly what we want!”
~David L. Hancock, Founder, Morgan James Publishing

I’ve been honored to work with Tony since 1993. He stretches the boundaries of traditional media tools to produce breath-taking designs. His appetite for achieving the exceptional instead of settling for the typical has placed him at the top of our requested designer list.
~Marsha Blessing, President & CEO, Orison Publishers, Inc.

Tony can put a fresh spin on traditional designs or get way outside the box with creative designs–whichever is appropriate for the project. Tony has designed many book covers for us over the years and has always been amazing!
~Nathan Martin, President, Nori Media Group

Now, you’re probably wondering…

“Will I have to invest thousands to create a book that actually sells?”

Today, the answer is no. You won’t have to invest anywhere near $1,500.00 like Tony’s regular clients do.

And they don’t get all of the training and extras that you’re going to get today.

You won’t have to invest the $2,000.00+ this course is truly worth.


And yes, there is a BIG but…

The Book Cover Genius package will only be available for a severely limited time.

Out of respect to the clients who pay Tony thousands of dollars to get on his calendar, he couldn’t possibly give away the exact same “juice” that makes his cover designs so powerful, for so cheap.

And as you continue to see how jam-packed and sure-fire Book Cover Genius is, you’ll know that there’s no way it will be available for long.

A staggering 99.3% off of Tony’s
real-world price.

Remember, if you wanted to hire Tony to design your cover for you, it would cost $1,500.00. And of course, you wouldn’t get all of the images, training, and other tools.

If you decided to try to come back to this offer at a later date, after seeing for yourself that other options just don’t work, then it won’t be available.

And if you simply decided to ignore this opportunity and tried to hire people on Fiverr, or create your covers yourself, it could cost you $1,000s in missed sales, and hundreds of hours testing, tweaking, trialing and erroring.

But because you’ve made it to this page today, you won’t deal with any of that, you’ll download Book Cover Genius right now, not for $1,500.00.

Not for $750.00

Not even for $97 we were told to charge by our peers…

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Yes! I’m ready to make my investment in…

Book Cover Genius

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WARNING: It’s highly likely that there are books out there that are similar to yours.

Book Cover Genius is your ace in the hole, guaranteeing that people will choose your book out of the thousands out there

People will buy your book because you’ll have Tony’s cover designs that are proven, time and time again, to get customers to click “buy” even in the most competitive niches.

And you face absolutely no risk when you put Tony’s designs and training to the test for your business.

So if you want to be one of those underground Kindle crushers, who bank 5 figures each and every month, all passively, all while they live the lives they want…

Then you owe it to yourself and your business to pick up Book Cover Genius right now, risk-free.

Book Cover Genius Package: $2,067.00 Value
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